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Megadeth United Abomination Tour stop Singapore

Finally a band that really matters to me is playing in Singapore. Over the last two years I sat and cursed as India became the destination of music gods, first ‘Joe Satriani’ and then ‘Iron Maiden’. Here I was slaving away in Singapore while the immortals performed in India. And then yesterday Dyan had a welcome suprise for me. Megadeth is performing in Singapore. Yeah you heard it right Megadeth, one of the big four Trash Metal bands is going to be live in Singapore. 26th October is the date. And just to make things sweeter it’s Heaven and Hell the next day. tickets available at sisti .

Heaven and Hell is the Black Sabbath reunited with Dio. It features the original Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, as well as Vinny Appice. Dio is widely believed to be one of the best singers in metal. And this was the line up with which Black Sabbath released the Dio years. More on the two bands later. All in all October is going to be one hell of a month. The countdown begins